Virtual Manipulatives and Tools

Desmos graphing platform

This link takes you to the Desmos graphing platform, which is completely free. A great tool for demonstrating live graphs.

Desmos Activity Platform

This is the link for the wonderful Desmos Activity Platform. Here you can create some amazing activities for students to work on, and it gives you feedback for each student. Could even be used for subjects other than mathematics.

Goegebra – another free graphing and geometry platform, that makes fantastic explicit links between geometry and algebra.

This website is just the ‘dogs whiskers’!!! If you want to demonstrate any manipulative you can think of it will be there. if you want past paper questions, they will be there… I could keep going but would be too long to write, even for me.

This tool is very useful for demonstrating construction techniques with students. You can programme the tool to do step-by-step moves that students can copy.

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