Discovery learning v Direct instruction (it is not a binary argument)

The argument between these two styles of teaching has been raging on #Edutwitter for the last few years and it has become very divisive over whether you are a ‘Discoverist’ or an ‘Instructionist’. Well, let’s just think about our own experiences of learning for a while. If I was to attempt an A-Level Mathematics problem,Continue reading “Discovery learning v Direct instruction (it is not a binary argument)”

Schemes of Learning

There are many Schemes of Learning that are free to use and claim to be a Mastery Scheme of Learning. True mastery learning is almost impossible in most school environments as the groupings need to be as homogeneous as possible, which is not how we run education in this country. Often, there are additional demandsContinue reading “Schemes of Learning”

Exit Tickets. Fad or Fantastic?

Exit tickets have become a buzz word in education recently, but are they useful and are we using them correctly? Are they useful? Assessment for Learning is all about us, as teachers, knowing what students have learnt and understood so we can move on to the next idea, without fear that some students will notContinue reading “Exit Tickets. Fad or Fantastic?”

Dazzling Desmos!

During this ‘final’ lockdown, where we have all been retraining as ‘remote learning tutors’, we have all been experimenting with different methods of supporting students learning. I am sure we have all tried both synchronous and asynchronous lessons and finding many benefits and negatives for both. One tool I tried was the Desmos Activity PlatformContinue reading “Dazzling Desmos!”