Improving Outcomes for GCSE Resit Students

As a country we would like all our future employees to be functionally numerate and literate. If you then so, it is imperative that we need to start thinking more about supporting everyone in becoming functionally numerate and that starts with ensuring ALL students have access to high quality instruction and qualifications that enable themContinue reading “Improving Outcomes for GCSE Resit Students”

We Need to Talk about Numeracy!!!

The current English system of setting GCSE grades using comparable outcomes, (GCSE grade distribution is pegged to what cohorts of similar ability achieved in the past), means that roughly a third of 16-year-olds year in, year out do not achieve a Grade 4 pass in English and Mathematics. Those young people who fall below thisContinue reading “We Need to Talk about Numeracy!!!”

Schemes of Learning

There are many Schemes of Learning that are free to use and claim to be a Mastery Scheme of Learning. True mastery learning is almost impossible in most school environments as the groupings need to be as homogeneous as possible, which is not how we run education in this country. Often, there are additional demandsContinue reading “Schemes of Learning”

Flightpaths, are they relevant in our new World? (Key Stage 2 & 3)

During these strange times, with so few aircraft in the skies, is it time for schools to review their use of another airborne analogy? When the first National Curriculum came out in 1989, levels were used as guidelines for teachers to determine what a student had learned and to create some sort of progression ofContinue reading “Flightpaths, are they relevant in our new World? (Key Stage 2 & 3)”

Post-16 GCSE Maths, Fit for Purpose?

  In our brave new world of increasing numeracy rates of young people, our Government has decided on ‘increasing’ the demand of GCSE maths. This has seen a huge increase┬áin students in Further Education having to study GCSE maths. But has this ‘higher demand’ seen an improvement in the standard of maths from post-16 students.Continue reading “Post-16 GCSE Maths, Fit for Purpose?”