Key Stage 4 Graded Assessments

For Key Stage 4, GCSE grades are used (see reasoning here), but only whole grades, (see this blog) and are related to the difficulty of the paper set, not from using typical grade boundaries, (see this blog for more detail on why).

Therefore, it is far more difficult to create a spreadsheet giving a Grade. Eventually, I will use the Edexcel Emporium to create Year 10 and Year 11 practice papers, that are graded based on prior performance in ‘live’ exams.

I am always welcome to colleagues creating assessments and making grade boundaries and I will add them to the collection, (with recognition on doing it).

I would like them to be based on the White Rose Scheme of Learning and have a Core, (Foundation) paper and an Additional, (Higher) paper, as often in Year 10 there will be students who sit on the cusp of the tiers and the more information we can gather the better our decisions will be.

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